Can't Stop. Won't Stop. Introducing the Flair Signature!

October 11, 2017



The last couple of weeks have been very busy and exciting at Flair HQ. We launched a redesign of our website and two new products all in the span of a few days!


While the website's new design is meant to be functional and efficient, providing prospective customers with all the Flair information they need, the real purpose of the redesign was to match the timeless beauty of the Flair Espresso Maker and the new products that were joining the lineup.


We still love the look of our original Flair, but it was clear that many of our customers would eagerly welcome an alternative to the black and red finish. If your kitchen is clad in stainless steel and an industrial metal look, you'll really appreciate what we've done with the Flair Signature!


The Flair Signature is our flagship model of the Flair Espresso Maker. Featuring an all-metal, lustrous finish with copper accents the Signature will be the centerpiece of any kitchen. The Signature will come with a stainless steel tamper and can also be purchased as a bundle with an additional brewing head. At the end of the day, the same amazing performance and high quality espresso will be the end result no matter which model you choose, as the design and base materials are the same.




But we didn't stop with just a redesigned website and the Signature. At Flair we are always listening to our customers, and one thing we have heard more than a few times was that the inclusion of a stainless steel piston option would be greatly appreciated. There were two camps, with some overlap, keen on replacing the poly acetal piston that comes standard with one made of the same high quality stainless steel as the cylinder.


First, as is especially the case with lighter roasts, starting with and maintaining proper brew temperature throughout the extraction is crucial. A stainless steel piston would give brewers an additional brew component that could be preheated to achieve this goal. Second, while our poly acetal pistons are made from FDA approved food grade polymers - no BPA here - that are inert even at boiling temperatures, we know that there are many customers who want to see an end to the Age of Plastics.


To both we say, behold the stainless steel piston! This addition to our lineup in not only beautiful, providing an increased-metal look to either Flair model, it is also functional, providing brewers with enhanced control.




Can't Stop. Won't Stop. Stay tuned because we are not resting idly on our laurels knowing that we've already delivered a revolutionary product to the espresso world! We are hard at work on several other additions to the Flair ecosystem, and can't wait to share with our Flair Family! Keep checking this space and check out our shop for details.



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