PRO 2 Accessories

Accessories to Enhance Your PRO 2 Manual Espresso Maker

Accessories to Enhance Your Brewing!

Your PRO 2 comes with everything you need to brew the highest level of espresso, cafe-quality. But you don't have to stop there!

We offer a number of additional options to enhance your brewing experience, including an extra portafilter and brew head to brew consecutive shots without cleaning first. In addition, your PRO 2 is a machine, and as such parts may need to be replaced. Grab whatever you need below.

Brew with Heat Precision
Temperature Strip

While not costly, our temperature strip is a key upgrade for any PRO 2 customer that requires better heat management to optimize and perfect their extractions.

Temperature Strip

Temperature Strip

Second Shot Plus - PRO 2

Second Shot Plus - PRO 2

Brew Two Without Cleaning
Second Shot Plus

Buy our Second Shot Plus Kit for the PRO 2 and receive an extra brew cylinder, screen, spout and portafilter. It's the fastest way to brew shots consecutively!

Featured Accessories - PRO 2

Replacement Parts for Your PRO 2

We hope you brew delicious espresso every single day with your Flair PRO 2 manual espresso maker. And, when that happens, sometimes you'll need replacements for some of your working parts. We're happy to offer everything you'll need now and in the future!