Conical Burrs For Fine Espresso Grind At Home

Trust us with the most important input to the taste of your coffee, your grounds! The Royal Grinder, a manual mill with conical burrs, produces consistently fine grounds, all in a beautiful package.

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Level-up your espresso game with Flair's first manual grinder, featuring hardened steel conical burrs. Made with precision and accuracy in mind, it's the perfect pair for any Flair. Grind consistently and get the very best extraction, all from an easy to use handheld and portable grinder.

The Royal Grinder.

Technology for a consistently fine grind

  • High-Efficiency Conical Burr Geometry

  • Lift, Turn & Lock Adjustment Crown

  • Precision-Engineered Aluminum Body

  • 72 Grind Settings at .02mm Steps

  • Robust Drive System for Perfect Alignment

Maximum Usability for Home or Anywhere

  • Full-Wrap Silicone Grip

  • Handheld Design with Removable Crank 

  • Easily Detachable Catch Cup

  • No cords or electricity needed

  • Custom Roll Bag for Storage & Travel

See Everything the Royal Grinder Has To Offer

Great extractions and the truest expression of your espresso starts with a precise and uniform grind. Don't chance your brew, handle your need for a fine and consistent grind with the Royal - a manual burr grinder from Flair Espresso - and take advantage of attributes like a full-wrap silicone grip, hardened Swiss-made steel burrs, and our unique "Lift, Turn & Lock Adjustment Crown" for no-slip, repeatable results.

Consistently Fine Espresso Grind

The consistency and precision of your espresso grind is probably the most important input to the taste of your coffee. Hitting the sweet spot signals instant success, while missing it could result in a less than worthy experience. The Royal's conical burrs and robust drive system ensure repeatable results, all in a small, handheld package.


Portable, Manual Espresso Grinder

Consistently getting your grind right requires the right tools. The Royal Grinder is undoubtedly the right tool for espresso with your Flair, or any coffee method. The hand-held, portable design means the Royal pairs perfectly with any Flair, at home or on the go. With no cords to hold you back, this espresso hand grinder travels.

Technology That Works For You

We removed everything unnecessary from this manual coffee grinder, leaving you with a sleek package for consistent results. The Royal Grinder, by Flair Espresso.