Trust us with the most important input to the taste of your coffee, your grounds. The Royal Grinder produces consistency and accuracy, all in a beautiful package.
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Introducing the Royal Grinder

It’s no secret that your grind is probably the most important input to the taste and mouth feel of your coffee. Hitting the sweet spot signals instant success, while missing it could result in either a sour or bitter flavor and a less than worthy experience. Because of this, we at Flair believe that “Your Grind is King” and it’s this belief that led us to design the Royal.


We understand that consistently getting your grind right, with different beans and different methods, requires skill. But as with any craft, it also requires the right tools. The Royal Grinder is undoubtedly the right tool. Designed from the ground up, as with all Flair Espresso products, we worked to understand what was necessary and what could be left behind. The result is a beautiful product with the looks to please and the capabilities to rival any other offer on the market.

Royal Grinder Attributes

Great extractions and the truest expression of your coffee starts with a precise and uniform grind. Don't chance your brew, handle your grind with the Royal from Flair Espresso and take advantage of attributes like a full wrap silicone grip, hardened Swiss-made steel burrs, and our unique "Lift, Turn & Lock Adjustment Crown" for no-slip, repeatable results.