Frontline Workers Offer

We Appreciate All The Frontline Workers Of COVID-19

Thanks for keeping us safe and for putting yourself at risk to help others. We'd like to show our gratitude!

To All the Healthcare Workers during COVID-19. We Appreciate You!

While we've been kept inside, staying safe from a pandemic that's unprecedented in our lifetimes, all the nurses, doctors and healthcare providers around the world have been heading outside, into the highest risk situations, not only to save lives but to simply provide care to those that need it most. We really are in awe of your commitment to keeping us safe and don't have the words to thank you, except to say...

Thank You. So much.

A Special Offer to Brighten Your Day

We are an espresso company, and we know how much a needed cup of your favorite brew can help brighten up any morning. So we figured a better way to show our appreciation to our frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic was to offer a bit of the joy that comes from a Flair manual espresso maker for a discounted price. So for the next two weeks, we'd like to provide anyone that works on the front lines in healthcare a special discount on a Flair Espresso Maker. 

How Do I Get This Offer?

Please send us an email, via the link below, and follow the below instructions!

  1. Click the link below to send an email to

  2. In the subject line, entitle your email: "Flair Frontline Worker Discount"

  3. In the email text, please tell us where you work and what you do. We will accept any worker that is actively working in a hospital, or healthcare facility. This includes: doctors, nurses, technicians, EMTs, nursing home staff, and those in patient services and firefighters or first responders.

  4. Attach a photo of yourself and your ID badge at the facility where you work

Once this is complete, we'll respond with a code for a one-time use coupon!