Brewing Classes

Learn to Brew Better, Together

Buy a new Flair Espresso Maker, get a free class from one of our experts!

Dedicated to Helping You Brew Better

At Flair Espresso, we are 100% dedicated to helping our new Flair-istas*, who have just joined the family, get the most out of their newly purchased Flair Espresso Makers. Regardless of whether you've got 10 days of experience or ten years, our small classes will be fun, insightful, and geared towards helping you enjoy your daily dose even more.

Hosted on Zoom, Building Community

Our classes typically occur twice a week, and are hosted on the online web platform Zoom. There are a maximum of 14 participants, so that each and every Flair-ista can enjoy the class and get "face time" with one of our Flair instructors. 

What Are the Classes Like?

Just see for yourself! Here's a few moments from a recent class!

*Currently, due to limited capacity, these classes are only offered to new purchasers of the Flair Espresso Maker Classic, Signature and PRO 2. But we are working to be able to provide recorded versions of these classes to those that are interested.