Brew Guide

Brewing with Flair

Brew Guide

Brewing with your Flair
Video Tutorials

For The NEO, Classic & Signature Models

Having trouble brewing with your NEO, Classic or Signature Espresso Maker? Watch our video tutorials to see the process!

For Flair PRO 2 Models

Having trouble brewing with your Flair Signature PRO Espresso Maker? Watch our video tutorial to see the process.

Download the Flair Espresso Manuals

If you've lost or damaged the brewing guide that comes with every Flair, don't worry! Just download a new copy below.

Classic Guide
Signature Guide
PRO & PRO 2 Guide
Royal Grinder Guide
Pressure Gauge Kit Guide
Advanced Brewing

If you're ready for more advanced brewing techniques, including naked brewing and using a pressure gauge, click below.

Visit Our FAQs Page

If you still have questions about your manual espresso maker please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.